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Goodman Racing Outside Hub Caps 

Getting dirt, rocks, or mud stuck to the inside of your wheel can cause the wheel to become severely unbalanced which makes for an uncomfortable ride and could decrease the life of the bearing carrier or the front hub bearings. Hub caps are available in 8", 9", and 10".  Caps fit aluminum bead locks that are held together with 12 bolts.  They use four of the bead lock ring mounting bolts to hold them on.  Certain front spindle and hub assemblies may require a hole to be cut in the center of the hub cap.  

$15.00 - Front     $15.00 - Rear






Goodman Racing Inside Hub Caps

Available in 8" and 9" and will fit any wheel with a 3" inside offset.  They are held on with two rubber straps that go around the hub and then when the tire is put on, the hub cap is held tight against the wheel.  Some modifications may be required for the Can-Am axle.

 $25.00 - Rear Only




Goodman Racing Rock Guards

Goodman Racing Rock Guards can reduce the chances of getting rocks and other debris caught in the front brake system, which can lead to bent rotors, bent caliper mounts, and most importantly DNF's.




Goodman Racing Bearing Retainers

The 2006 and newer the TRX450 motors are notorious for breaking right side bearing retainers.  Goodman Racing Bearing Retainers are substantially stronger and are much less apt to fail.  It takes a skilled mechanic to install them, but you can send your right case half and new bearing for installation for $100.00 total parts and labor.  The center picture shows the comparison between the stock retainers and the Goodman Racing retainers.  











Oxygen4Energy - Oxygen for Serious Athletes

Want Energy to Ride Harder? You need to be using canned breathing oxygen from! This product is amazing!

You've seen pro football players use oxygen on the sidelines to keep their energy and endurance high... now, you can use oxygen to improve your energy and endurance while riding. I guarantee you will like the results! I use oxygen before and after every race to keep me at my best!

No Stimulants. No Sugars. No Crashing.

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